luni, 26 septembrie 2016

Best services for transfer from otopeni airport

If you are travelling for the first time in Romania then you will certainly need to see first Bucharest, which is the bigest city from the region and also one of the most interesting places for parties and for having a good time in Romania.

The city was built a couple hundred years ago and has experienced a very accelerated development, due to the commerce, due to the oil that is found in the Romanian plains and also due to his strategic location, between empires (Otoman empire, Austro Hungarian and Russian empire).

From a cultural point of view, the Romanian culture is  the predominant one with music, literature, and habits that are of local origin, but also there are some oriental influences (especially Tuskish ones) that can be found in the local dishes and music.

If you are for the first time here we would recommend in getting a transfer from otopeni airport with a driver, or a local taxi due to the fact that the city is huge and it is very hard to drive by yourself even with a GPS or even for experienced drivers, as traffic is very crowded all day long (and also extremely crowded at peak hours).

It is a city recommended for young folks, as the night life can be very thrilling, but also for people that want to discover the Romanian culture, as Bucharest is not only the capital of the country, but also the most interesting social and cultural center.